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Our Commercial Client’s Common Challenges…


Maintain Productive Business Relationship with Your Debtor


Difficulties Effectively
Communicating with Your Debtor


Knowing When it’s Time to Call
a Commercial Collection Agency

Why Use HF Holdings
for Commercial Debt Collections?

Since our foundation in 2012, we have helped thousands of commercial clients successfully recover unpaid debts and maintain working relationships with their debtors. At HF Holdings, we understand that early identification of the issue is critical to successful debt recovery. Given that the likelihood of collecting debt significantly decreases after 120 days, HF Holdings works with our clients tirelessly to collect debts within the first three months after the first missed payment. Our experienced team and proven recovery methods allow our clients to focus on their business, knowing that their debt collection needs are in our capable hands.

We understand the importance of retaining strong relationships with your vendors and customers. HF Holdings can tailor our approach to ensure the business to business relationship with your debtors is maintained by approaching each commercial collection account with the utmost respect and care. Our proven collections process is performed by industry professionals and includes investigation of corporate officers, location and identification of company assets, and proven communication tactics for asset recovery.

24/ Access!

As a nationwide commercial collection agency, we provide our clients 24/7 access to our Client Portal so you can track your claims at any time.

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